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Light-curing composite that efficiently replaces orthodontic wax. Professional use.

  • Prevents contact of orthodontic devices with the patient’s mucosa, preventing local irritation more efficiently than traditional wax.



Easy Application and Removal:
The product is applied directly from the syringe to the surfaces of orthodontic devices and can be fragmented and easily removed with the help of standard pliers.

Efficient and Long-lasting Protection:
Due to its mechanical resistance, the product is retained in the application area, allowing recovery of the lesion.

It has color and translucency that do not interfere with the esthetics of the smile.


Coating the protuberant/angled parts of orthodontic braces and mini-implants in order to avoiddamage to the mucosa and/or help in the fixation of the springs and wires.

Producing stops in orthodontic wire.

Helping in fixing the ligature wire to the bracket in cases of dental traction.

Commercial Availability

Package contains

• 1 syringe with 2g
• 5 applicator tips

Step by step

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