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Brava Block

Glass-ceramic composite block for milling in CAD-CAM.

  • Mechanical resistance
  • Excellent shine and polishing retention
  • Can be characterized



High mechanical resistance:
The high flexural strength allows the indirect restoration to support high masticatory efforts.

Greater comfort and safety:
The balance between modulus of elasticity and microhardness provides resilience to the material, leading to greater comfort in chewing, besides avoiding wear of the antagonist tooth when in occlusal contact with the restoration.

Easy polishing and high shine:
Polishing and shine similar to natural tooth enamel.

Convenience and versatility:
It allows eventual repairs and adjustments with composite light cured directly in the mouth.

Compatibility with resin cements:
It can be used in combination with any type of adhesive (single-step, two-step, light- curable or dual) and conventional resin cements (light-curable, dual or chemical), providing excellent adhesion rates.*We do not recommend the use of self-adhesive cements.

Characterizable with dyes:
The characterization guarantees an esthetic similar to natural teeth.


Indicated as definitive indirect restoration in cases of:• Total unit crown on anterior, posterior and implant teeth.• Inlays / onlays on posterior teeth.• Indirect veneers in anterior teeth.

Commercial Availability

Block kir 5 units, available in size 14L

Shades LT (Low Translucency):
• A1-LT,
• A2-LT
• A3-LT
• A3,5-LT
• B1-LT
• C2-LT
• Bleach

Shades HT (High Translucency):

Step by step

Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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