Opallis Flow

Low viscosity composite.

  • Ideal viscosity for use as base of restorations;
  • Easy application.


Excellent adaptation to cavity walls:
Lower risk of infiltration.

Easy application and low viscosity:
 Allows the filling of cavities with high roughness and difficult access.

High mechanical strength:
72% fillers of weight.


Base/liner under direct restorations.

Tunnel preparations.

Repair of enamel defects.

Bonding of teeth fragments.

Non-carious cervical lesions.

Flattening preparation walls.

Commercial Availability

Packing containing

• 01 syringe with 2g available in the shades A1; A2; A3 (universal); T (translucent); OP; A0.5;
B0.5 and OA3.5 (Extra Opaque).
• 05 applicator tips.

Step by step

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