What are the advantages of working with a bis-acryl composite?

Bis-acryl composites have become the preference of professional dentists for the manufacture of temporary prostheses and mockups and, therefore, are more and more frequently used at the clinics. But, after all, what are the advantages of working with that type of composite? Here are the top five advantages:

Esthetics: Bis-acryl vs Acrylic composites

Without a doubt, esthetics is a great differential of bis-acryl composites, especially when compared to the acrylic composites. Very similar to composites in terms of esthetic features, bis-acryl composites offer a natural look, high shine and polishing, shade stability (except if submitted to a diet rich in food coloring) and options of hues that are compatible to the Vita scale and whitened teeth.

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Mockup in PrimmaArt (FGM) bis-acryl composite – case carried out by Dr. Orlando Reginatto.

Easy to handle

Ready to use!

The self-mixing double-body syringes of the bis-acryl composites allow for the homogenization of the phases in the exact proportion, facilitate the application and optimize the professionals’ work times. PrimmaArt by FGM, for example, is available in the cartridge version, for the use with a universal pistol, and syringe version, the compact version. Both versions come with economy tips, which provide the self-mixture with a reduction of up to 40% of material waste if compared to the traditional tips.

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Curing time

Temporary prostheses and mockups made with bis-acryl composites feature low curing times, like PrimmaArt, which does not take more than 2 minutes for completing polymerization.

Low heat release

Another aspect that is clinically relevant is the low release of heat during the polymerization when compared to acrylic composites, decreasing the possibility of causing sensitivity in vital teeth and allowing for more comfort for the patient.

Primma art carrossel2 ES 02 - Quais as vantagens em trabalhar com Resina Bisacrílica?

Even compared to other bis-acryl composites, PrimmaArt by FGM shows better results, according to the chart above: the lower the energy released by the polymerization reaction, lower the amount of heat produced.

Resistance and durability

High surface hardness, low polymerization contraction and resistance to abrasion are factors that contribute to the increase of the resistance and durability of mockups and temporary prostheses made of bis-acryl composites, which are, for those reasons, recommended for short and long duration procedures.

The advantages of working with bis-acryl composites go even further than that, but to allow your experience to be even more surprising, we will let you discover that on your own, in your clinical practice. To get to know even more our PrimmaArt, why don’t you watch a short step-by-step video about FGM´s bis-acryl composite?


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