Learn the 6 possibilities for the use of the chameleon composite Vittra APS Unique

Obtaining excellent esthetic results and, at the same time, finding easier ways to work in the clinic is what professionals have been searching for. Thinking of that, FGM’s universal chroma composite Vittra APS Unique , comes to the scene, copying the shade of the dental substrate and simplifying the technique. Check some of the possibilities for its use in your daily routines:

Closing of diastemas and restorations in anterior teeth

FGM’s chameleon composite delivers esthetics, shine and polishing to restorations, requirements that are more and more valued for anterior teeth. Its optical properties allow it to mirror the shade of the teeth with efficiency and guarantees a superior esthetic effect.

Caso clínico dos Drs. Carlos E. Francci, Alexander C. Nishida e Guilherme de S. F. Anzaloni Saavedra

Clinical case by Dr. Carlos E. Francci, Alexander C. Nishida and Guilherme de S. F. Anzaloni Saavedra

Pediatric Dentistry

Reestablishing the oral health in children is not always a simple task. Professionals need to be fast and assertive. Therefore, Vittra APS Unique   is the solution, since it does not require shade selection, reduces clinical times, brings more comfort for the patient, and, if that was not enough, brings also more safety since the composite is also free of Bisphenol A (BPA free).

Dra. Dayse Odontopediatria 3

Clinical case by Dr. Dayse Amaral

Invisible aligners

Discretion is critical in the orthodontic treatment with braces, be them transparent, or invisible aligners. Due to its capacity to copy the color of the tooth and reach perfect mimetics, the composite is the best alternative for the manufacture of attachments (pullers positioned on the teeth as pressure points for the aligner to make the necessary movements).

Dr. Thiago Roberto Gemeli 3

Clinical case by Dr. Thiago Roberto Gemelli

Restoration in posterior tooth

Besides the properties of color transmission, the high resistance to flection and tenacity to fracture of Vittra APS Unique guarantee that the restoration will support the stress resulting from the masticatory forces, even in posterior teeth.

Caso clínico do Dr. Fábio Sene

Clinical case by Dr. Fábio Sene

Restoration over implant

There is no doubt that agility is one of the greatest advantages of  Vittra APS Unique , and, in restorations with a prosthesis over an implant it is not different. After isolating the are of the screw entrance with white Teflon, the professional dentist can camouflage the area with perfection, since the composite integrates itself chromatically with the substrate and the dental walls.

Dr. Augusto Bessa 3

Clinical case by Dr. Augusto Bessa

Did you like it? There are many possibilities with Vittra APS Unique, click HERE to learn more.


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