Learn the 6 possibilities for the use of the chameleon composite Vittra APS Unique

Obtaining excellent aesthetic results while simplifying clinical practice is what all Dentists have been striving for. With this in mind, Vittra APS Unique emerges, FGM’s monochromatic resin that mimics the color of the dental substrate and simplifies the technique. Check out some possible uses for your day-to-day practice:

Closing diastemas and anterior tooth restorations

FGM’s chameleon resin provides aesthetics, shine, and polish to restorations, qualities even more valued in anterior teeth. Its optical characteristics efficiently mirror the color of teeth, ensuring a superior aesthetic outcome.

Caso clínico dos Drs. Carlos E. Francci, Alexander C. Nishida e Guilherme de S. F. Anzaloni Saavedra
Case study by Drs. Carlos E. Francci, Alexander C. Nishida e Guilherme de S. F. Anzaloni Saavedra

Pediatric Dentistry

Restoring oral health in children is not always a simple task; the professional needs to be efficient and accurate. This is why Vittra APS Unique is the solution, as it eliminates the need for color selection, reduces clinical time, provides more comfort to the patient, and, as if that weren’t enough, offers greater safety, as the resin is also Bisphenol A (BPA) Free.

Caso clínico da Dra. Dayse Amaral
Case study by Dra. Dayse Amaral

Invisible Aligners

Discretion is crucial in orthodontic treatment with clear braces or invisible aligners. Due to its ability to match the tooth color and achieve perfect mimicry, resin is the best alternative for creating attachments (pressure points positioned on the teeth to guide the necessary movements) in aligner fabrication.

Caso clínico do Dr. Thiago Roberto Gemeli
Case study by Dr. Thiago Roberto Gemeli

Posterior Tooth Restoration

In addition to its color transmission properties, the high flexural strength and fracture toughness of Vittra APS Unique ensure that the restoration can withstand the stress resulting from masticatory forces, even in posterior teeth.

Caso clínico do Dr. Fábio Sene
Case study by Dr. Fábio Sene

Implant Restoration

There is no doubt that efficiency is one of the great benefits of Vittra APS Unique, and in restorations with prostheses on implants, it’s no different. After isolating the screw access hole with white Teflon, the dentist can perfectly camouflage this area since the resin chromatically integrates with the substrate and the dental walls.

Caso clínico do Dr. Augusto Bessa
Case study by Dr. Augusto Bessa



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