Adhesive devices complementary to orthodontic treatment: case report

The correct installation of orthodontic brackets is an important foundation when the intention is to perform a more precise treatment in a shorter time. The correct positioning of the pieces will allow the orthodontist to obtain dental movements with greater three-dimensional control, favoring the stages of alignment, leveling and torque.

Biomaterial granule surrounded by autologous fibrin matrix (L-PRF)

Biomaterial granule surrounded by autologous fibrin matrix (L-PRF) Interaction with L-PRF Since the biomaterial’s structural organization provides surface roughness and micro- and nanoscale granulations, interaction with the fibrin network and its adhesion molecules favor biological integration of this set with the environment, mimicking the conjunctive matrix for cell mobility and accommodation. Sticky Bone with Nanosynt […]

Dento-alveolar rehabilitation with Arcsys implant and Nanosynt bone graft

Authors: Dr. Jéferson Fagundes Patient gender and age: Female patient, 67 y.o. Chief complaint: Absence of tooth 12 and aesthetic dissatisfaction Initial evaluation: After anamnesis, clinical and tomographic examination, a thin alveolar bone structure was observed in the region of element 12 and volume loss of soft tissue, indicating tissue reconstruction associated with implant installation. Treatment performed A […]