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The first dental whiteners developed and produced in Brazil have now conquered the world.

Whiteness is a leader in the domestic market and in fifteen other markets, present in over 100 countries, with recognized and proven quality and safety over a history of more than 25 years.

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Explore the entire product line

There’s always a Whiteness solution that caters to the specific needs of each situation: for patients with high dentinal sensitivity, for individuals seeking a more dynamic and quick treatment, for treatments requiring multiple whitening sessions, for vital and non-vital teeth, whether it’s home-based procedures, in-office treatments, or through combined techniques.

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Carbamide peroxide at 10%, 16%, and 22%.

Elected for the second consecutive year as the best at-home dental whitener in the USA by Dental Advisor, Whiteness Perfect has also been a leader in Brazil for over 20 years!

The desensitizing package, high water content, maximum safety, and effectiveness in results make this whitening gel the number one choice for thousands of professionals every day.

white class
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Hydrogen peroxide at 6%, 7.5%, and 10%.

For patients seeking a treatment with shorter daily usage time, White Class is the answer. The desensitizing agents and the calcium present in its composition work to ensure not only whiter teeth but also safety and comfort.

whiteness simple

Whiteness Simple

Carbamide peroxide at 10%, 16%, and 22%.

With essential desensitizing agents and a pH close to neutral, Whiteness Simple is a more economical version within the line of at-home whitening gels.

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whiteness hp e whiteness hp
logo whiteness hp e whiteness hp

Hydrogen peroxide at 35%.

A pioneer and well-established in various markets with the traditional Peroxide + Thickener bottle system, Whiteness HP is synonymous with trust and quality within dental offices. On the other hand, Whiteness HP Maxx sets itself apart with the added heat blocker in its formula.

whiteness hp blue
logo whiteness hp blue

Hydrogen peroxide at 35%.

The syringe coupling system for mixing the phases and the ability to apply for up to 40 minutes without the need for replacement make Whiteness HP Blue a practical and yet entirely safe whitening gel, confirmed by its stable alkaline pH and calcium content in its formulation.

whiteness hp
logo whiteness hp

Hydrogen peroxide at 35%.

The youngest whitening gel in the Whiteness family is also the most convenient! Whiteness HP AutoMixx, with its auto-mixing phase system, allows for applications of up to 50 minutes without the need for replacement. High efficiency, calcium presence, and heat blocker complete the mix of benefits.

For every clinical situation, there is always a Whiteness solution.

whiteness rm

Whiteness RM

Removal of stains on dental enamel.

whiteness perborato

Whiteness Perborato

Whitening of non-vital teeth.

whiteness super endo

Whiteness Super-endo

Whitening of non-vital teeth.

Scientifically studied!

To be number 1 is to always be remembered and, of course, studied. The FGM line of dental whiteners is mentioned in hundreds of scientific studies that help prove what you already know: with Whiteness, there’s nothing like it!

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