In-Office Whitening with Whiteness HP Blue 35%: efficiency and comfort for the patient

32-year-old female patient

Chief complaint: Patient was dissatisfied with the color of the teeth.

Initial evaluation

The patient underwent a detailed anamnesis examination and clinical examination, no pathological changes were observed. In the clinical exam, integrity of the periodontal tissues, absence of cervical and occlusal carious lesions, both in anterior and posterior teeth were observed. The patient reported no sensitivity.

Treatment performed

Prophylaxis was performed with pumice and water. Then, the initial shade of the patient’s teeth was taken (classic Vita shade guide), choosing A2, for the superior central incisors, and A3.5, for the superior canines. The process began with application of the Top Dam gingival barrier, in a generous amount, including a small cervical strip from the teeth to the molar region. After polymerization, the barrier was checked for perfect tissue protection.

The whitening gel of choice was Whiteness HP Blue 35%, maintained for 30 minutes in contact with the dental surface in the first session and, in the others, maintained for 40 minutes, as the patient did not report sensitivity between sessions. Four in-o¡ce whitening sessions were carried out, with an interval of one week between them.

Step by Step

Foto inicial do sorriso.

Fig 1 – Photo initial smile

Tomada de cor inicial dos dentes.

Fig 2 – Initial shade-taking

Aplicação da barreira gengival Top Dam.

Fig 3 – Application of Top dam gingival barrier.

Aplicação do gel clareador Whiteness HP Blue 35%.

Fig 4 – Application of Whiteness HP Blue 35% whitening gel.

Tomada de cor final.

Fig 5 – Final shade

Resultado final.

6 | Final result

Authors: Dra. Helena Laskawski Klemba e Dr. Raphael Monte Alto

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