Reduced Daily Application Time of 10% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening in a Patient with Tooth Sensitivity

Authors: Amanda Vessoni Barbosa Kasuya1, Patricia Saram Progiante, Juliana Delben, Cleverson de Oliveira e Silva e Fabiano Carlos Marson

Patient’s Sex and Age: Female patient, 30 years old

Chief Complaint: Yellowish color of natural teeth.

Initial Clinical/Radiographic Assessment

During the anamnesis, the patient reported never having undergone previous teeth whitening treatment and had a mild generalized tooth sensitivity. Physical examination revealed the absence of prior restorations, healthy gum condition, no carious lesions, and an initial tooth color of A3 according to the Vita Classical shade guide.

Treatment Performed

The proposed treatment was supervised at-home teeth whitening using 10% carbamide peroxide gel (Whiteness Perfect 10%, FGM) with a reduced daily usage time of 1 hour for 21 days. After making a silicone tray and providing instructions on using the whitening gel, dietary guidelines, and oral hygiene, the treatment was initiated. The patient was informed that if she experienced heightened sensitivity, she should contact the clinic for reevaluation of the treatment plan.

At the midway point of the treatment, during a follow-up visit, the tooth color was measured as A1, indicating significant whitening progress without any complaints of sensitivity, allowing the treatment to continue. After completing the 21-day period, the patient expressed satisfaction with the achieved aesthetic improvement (final shade B1), as she did not need to discontinue the treatment due to sensitivity.

The reduced daily usage time for the teeth whitening treatment resulted in a significant change in tooth color over the course of 21 days of continuous treatment. The patient was satisfied with the outcome and did not experience any sensitivity that would hinder the treatment.

1. Aspecto intrabucal inicial
1. Initial Intraoral Appearance


2. Tomada de cor inicial equivalente a uma cor A2- seguindo escala Vita.
2. Initial Shade Matching equivalent to an A2 color – following Vita Shade Guide.


3. Confecção da moldeira de silicone e orientações sobre o uso do gel. Nesse caso foi proposto o uso de Whiteness Perfect 10% - FGM com tempo diário de uso reduzido (durante 1 hora ao dia).
3. Fabrication of the silicone tray and instructions for gel usage. In this case, the use of Whiteness Perfect 10% – FGM with reduced daily usage time (1 hour per day) was suggested.


4. Tomada de cor após 10 dias de tratamento, equivalente à cor A1.
4. Shade assessment after 10 days of treatment, equivalent to A1 color.


5. Após 21 dias de tratamento, foi realizada uma nova tomada de cor, alcançando agora uma cor equivalente à B1(escala Vita).
5. After 21 days of treatment, a new shade assessment was performed, now achieving a color equivalent to B1 (Vita shade guide).


6. Aspecto intrabucal final.
6. Final intrabucal appearance.


7. Sorriso final, mostrando a satisfação da paciente, sem necessidade de interrupção do tratamento e zero de sensibilidade.
7. Final smile, demonstrating the patient’s satisfaction, without the need for treatment interruption and zero sensitivity.




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