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Flúor Care

Fluoride in foam with lower risk of ingestion, available in three pleasant flavors.

  • Easy application



High yield:
Makes up to 400 applications (8x more than gel).

Consistent foam:
Allows use with molding tray or lip retractor.

No propellant gas and lower risk of ingestion.


Fluoridation of the enamel of patients with high-risk of caries, including patients with special and orthodontic needs, patients submitted to periodontal scraping and cases of dentin hypersensitivity.

Commercial Availability

Package contains

1 Bottle with 100g, available in three flavors:
• Neutral: tutti-frutti,
• Acidulated: strawberry and grape.

Step by step

Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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