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Direct Restoration of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions with Vittra APS Unique Flow

After the detailed clinical exam, non-carious cervical lesions were found on teeth 24 and 25, due to premature contacts a...
Clinical Case
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In-office dental whitening with Whiteness HP Blue.

 The patient came to the clinic to improve the shade of his teeth. He was invited to a wedding and asked for a brigh...
Clinical Case
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Overcoming challenges in teeth whitening: tetracycline staining.

Due to the etiology of the staining, we opted for supervised at-home whitening with the use of 16% carbamide peroxide (Wh...
Clinical Case
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Making attachments for aligners with the chameleon composite Vittra APS Unique

At the clinical exam, it was noted that element 12 did not show color alteration but because it was more palatine in rela...
Clinical Case

Mega-abrasion and cosmetic contouring with composite: minimal intervention strategies

Chromatic alterations, hypoplastic areas and the absence of dental contours end up influencing the aesthetic whole. Thus,...
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Bringing aesthetics back in pediatric dentistry

In pediatric dentistry, the control of fear and anxiety may be carried out through pharmacological methods, such as the u...
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Whitening with Whiteness HP AutoMixx in two office sessions

The patient came to the clinic to undergo the initial exam for dental whitening. During the exam, the professionals noted...
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Arcsys Overdenture clinical case

The use of total prostheses is extremely widespread in the Brazilian population. They represent an easily accessible alte...
Clinical Case
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Reconstruction of the atrophic maxilla using allogeneic graft and fibrin rich in platelets and leukocytes

Male patient, 48 years old, non-smoker and without systemic changes. He went to the dental clinic to replace his removabl...
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