Bone reconstruction and implantations with prototyped guide in agenesia areas

After anamnesis the patient was submitted to clinical radiographic assessment to ratify the agenesia of elements 12 and 22. Besides the dental elements, the exams revealed the bone volume deficiency in those regions, as well as a limited space in the mesial-distal direction (between 13/11 and 21/23) of the referred elements.

Immediate implant with immediate provisioning and connective tissue graft: a case report

It is widely known that the esthetics of the smile has a direct impact on the patient’s self-esteem. Thus, installation of the immediate unitary implant with immediate provisioning in patients with compromised teeth has become routine in implantology (Balderrama et al, 2021), being an excellent alternative when it is necessary to unite esthetics, predictability, and patient-practitioner satisfaction.

Treatment of a fracture on an upper central incisor with rehabilitation through immediate implant carried out with a virtual surgical guide: a clinical case report

Male patient, 61 years old, went to the private dental clinic after suffering trauma to dental element 21 (Fig. 1). The clinical examination showed mobility of the crown, and the horizontal fracture was confirmed by the periapical radiographic examination (Figs. 2 and 3), and surgical removal of the root and rehabilitation with an implant was indicated.

New tools for rehabilitation on implants, Arcsys and digital workflow

Comfort and predictability are some of the benefits of this modern option of molding and confection of prosthetic parts during oral rehabilitation.

The digital workflow, a new and timely tool, is increasingly being incorporated into orthodontic clinics. It is transforming our relationship with our patients, our colleagues, and above all, our dental prosthesis laboratory.