Whitening with Whiteness HP AutoMixx in two office sessions

Author: Dra. Alessandra Reis B. de Oliveira.

Patient gender: female patient

Main complaint: dissatisfaction with the tone of the teeth.

Initial clinical/radiographic evaluation

The patient came to the clinic to undergo the initial exam for dental whitening. During the exam, the professionals noted the presence of wear on the incisal edges and small gingival retractions around the canine teeth and pre-molars, but no signs of dentin hypersensitivity.

Treatment executed

The treatment suggested was the office whitening in two sessions.

01 Sorriso Inicial

Figure 1 – Photography before the beginning of the first session.

Registro De Cor Inicial 2

Figure 2 – Color checking using the Vita Classical color scale. The tone is A3 in the upper incisive teeth, For the canine teeth, the color was A 3.5.

1 Sessão   Top Dam

Figure 3 – The patient’s lips were hydrated for the placement of the lip spacers. Then, with the dry gums, the Top Dam (FGM) gingival barrier was applied all along the papilla and cervical contour of the teeth up to the second pre-molars. The gingival barrier was polymerized for 20 seconds with the use of the photopolymerizing equipment.

1 Sessão   Gel

Figure 4 – After the barrier was completely fitted, the whitening gel Whiteness HP AutoMixx (FGM) was applied with the help of a mixing tip. 50 minutes later, the gel was removed with a disposable surgical suction device.

Resultado 1 Sessão

Figure 5 – Result of the first session, already showing a color change

2 Sessão   Gel

Figure 6 – In the second session, the application protocol was the same: first, the application of the Top Dam (FGM). Then, the application of the Whiteness HP AutoMixx (FGM) whitening gel.

2 Sessão   Remoçao Do Gel

Figure 7 – After the removal of the gel, the enamel was polished with felt disks and Diamond Excel enamel paste (FGM).

Registro De Cor Após A 2 Sessão 2

Figure 8 – At the end of the procedures, the evaluation showed that there was a difference of two tones for the incisive teeth, from A3 to A1 and in the canine, from A3.5 to A2.

Sorriso Final

Figure 9 – the final smile.


The office technique with Whiteness HP Automixx (FGM) offered an effective whitening procedure with less sensitivity and excellent result.


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