We are 2020 Top Award Winner!

The recognition comes from the United States and was granted by the worldwide renowned agency Dental Advisor.

What does that mean? Why do we feel so proud of this achievement?

The Agency

Dental Advisor is a reference for dental professionals, as it clinically evaluates dental products in a highly credible ranking. Regarded as “a reliable specialist for dental professionals, with concise, accurate and objective information”, Dental Advisor combines clinical experience with laboratory data. And it seeks to provide dentists with evidence-based and clinically relevant information on dental restorative products, infection control products and dental equipment.

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Rigorous evaluation process

The achievement of the 2020 Top Award Winner Seal is the result of a rigorous clinical analysis process, which involves 20 to 30 dentists.

These professionals were responsible for analyzing the quality and action of Whiteness Perfect, considering a total of 242 treatments in patients.

Dental Advisor’s clinical analysis and application to patients highlighted the main attributes of our take-home whitening gel.

Check the highlights in the evaluation:

  • Excellent viscosity
  • Complete kit
  • Effective whitening
  • Easy to use
  • Patient satisfaction

Recognition for the second consecutive year

This is the second time FGM stands out in Dental Advisor. In 2019, shortly after entering the USA, the agency elected the same whitening gel as one of the favorite products of the year. Want to check out the full evaluation for this year? Visit this page on the Dental Advisor website.

Over 5000 whitening sessions with Whiteness per day all around the world.

Our product is the first whitening gel manufactured in Brazil (it was launched in 1996) and today it is present in more than 100 countries, a reason of great pride for FGM and Brazilian dentistry.

See complete evaluation here.

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