Smart overdenture on frictional implants

77 -year-old male patient
Chief complaint: The patient reports a tumor lesion on the floor of the mouth due to poor fit of complete prosthesis.

Initial evaluation

After doing a detailed anamnesis of the case and clinical examination, a tumor lesion was found in the region of the inferior right alveolar ridge, the result of a poorly adapted prosthesis, as well as multiple hyperplastic lesions in the labial region. The patient reports an evolution of approximately four months, asymptomatic, which increased in size during this time.

Treatment performed

An excisional biopsy of the hyperplastic lesions in the inferior alveolar ridge and inferior labial mucosa was performed under local anesthesia. Through a histopathological examination, it was possible to confirm the diagnosis of benign fibrous hyperplasia and the patient was recommended to renew his dental prostheses. Considering the limited alveolar ridge, installation of implants in the inferior sector was suggested to make an overdenture. Four 3.8 x 8 mm Arcsys Implants were placed using virtual planning and Arcsys Guided Surgery. Immediately, a superior and inferior provisional complete prosthesis was installed. After waiting 4 months for osseointegration, the implants were reopened to start the rehabilitation phase, where 2.5 mm Arcsys Mini Abutments were installed to later use the Smart Overdenture  capsule system. Rehabilitation followed a conventional protocol for superior and inferior complete prostheses, capturing the capsules during the consultation to deliver the definitive prostheses.

Step by step

FIG 1 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants
1 | Intraoral image showing the presence of benign fibrous hyperplasia.


FIG 2 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants
2 | Aspect of the ridge after removal of hyperplastic lesions.


FIG 3 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants
3 | Full superior and inferior prostheses characterized.


FIG 5 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants
4 | Smart Overdenture retention capsules installed over prosthetic components.


FIG 6 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants
5 | Capture of the definitive prosthesis in the mouth.

FIG 7.1 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants    FIG 7.2 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants

6 and 7 | Updating mouth prostheses: before and after.


FIG 8 - Smart overdenture on frictional implants
8 | Patient happy and satisfied with his new prostheses.

Authors: Dr. José Luis Viteri García y Dr. Luis Pacheco


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