Overcoming challenges in teeth whitening: tetracycline staining.

Overcoming challenges in teeth whitening: tetracycline staining.

Author: Dr. Isabel Giraldez


63-year-old female patient.


Patient wanted to whiten her teeth without having to resort to veneers.

Radipgraphic exam

Teeth showing a grade 2 tetracycline with brown and yellow bands. The most saturated shade of the bands corresponded to the 3R 2.5 of the VITA 3D MASTER shade guide


Due to the etiology of the staining, we opted for supervised at-home whitening with the use of 16% carbamide peroxide (Whiteness Perfect) in custom trays for 3 to 4 hours per day for 2 months. The photographs show that in one month of treatment the shade of 2L 1.5 was reached with much lighter bands. At 2 months, the result was a shade corresponding to 0M 2 and the bands became practically unnoticeable.

1 Min

Fig. 1: Initial smile. 

2 Min

Fig. 2: Initial intraoral appearance.

3 Min

Fig. 3: Initial shade taking.

4 Min

Fig. 4: Instructing the patient to useWhiteness Perfect 16% in the trays for 4 weeks for 3 to 4 hours per day.

5 Min

Fig. 5: Follow-up after 4 weeks of treatment, showing an improvement in the shade. Facing the report of the absence of sensitivity, the patient was instructed to continue treatment with Whiteness Perfect 16%, for 3 to 4 hours per day.

6 Min

Fig. 6:  Final shade taking after 2 months of treatment.

7 Min

Fig. 7: Final intraoral aspect.

8 Min

Fig. 8: Final smile

9 Min

Fig. 9: Comparison of the final result with the initial shade guide highlighting the excellent degree of whitening achieved.


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