Is your clinic routine complex? Make it simpler with your dental implant choice.

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Every day it is like this: patient in, patient out. Each person with a specific case, a different challenge, unique bone and gingival types, esthetic aspirations and an infinite number of details.

And we, dentistis, need to pay attention to all those details in order to fulfill the needs and desires of those patients, giving them back their dreamed functional, esthetic and healthy smile.

With so many details to plan and innumerable difficulties which are innevitable in implantology, it would be a great relief to be sure to have in your inventory the ideal implant for your patient during the appointment, independently from their bone type.

Knowing that there is the possibility for immediate load, reducing the number of sessions, will also help you feel more comfortable amidst so many other task you have to worry about, right?

Enough of complications. It is time to simplify.

Nowadays, it is possible to have, at your clinic, implant systems that simplify several steps. However, it is important to pay attention to some indispensable characteristics in order for you to guarantee the choice of the best implant for your clinic.

Is Your Clinic

Have you realized how these attributes can make your routine easier?

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The best concepts in implants 

With the Arcsys MT and Vezza EH, those surprising characteristics are combined, the only difference is the connection. They deliver the peace of mind and the easiness that you need to make your clinical routine much simpler and more profitable.

 Cap included

In both systems, the implants come with the cap manufactured with medical degree silicone, which is biocompatible and for unrestricted use. That means one less item for you to worry about when planning the inventory.

Arcsys, a system as smart as you.

Besides the combination of the best features for the surgical step, the system offers incomparable innovations which facilitate also the prosthetic phase, such as:

  • Exclusive folding technology for the prosthetic component, at your office.
  • Drills with potential for single perforations (check the video).
  • Customizable and smart components.
  • The best position for the implant and the prosthesis.

Get to know more about the Arcsys System watching the videos available on YouTube with hints and the functionality of the system that will revolutionize your clinic and your profitability.

Vezza, the most simplified EH on the market

Besides the combination of the best features for the surgical step, the system offers incomparable innovations that facilitate also the prosthetic phase:

  • Variety of components for the prosthetic step: screw retained abutments and mini-abutments, regular, narrow or folded (17° and 30°).
  • The system contains just 108 components, reducing the inventory and simplifying your routine.
  • Compatible with Arcsys System drills with potential for single perforations.
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