Whiteness Perfect: Awarded as the Best take-Home Whitening gel for Four Consecutive Years by Dental Advisor in the USA

Created in the 90s by the founders of FGM, Friedrich Georg Mittelstädt and Bianca Mittelstädt, Whiteness Perfect is the first take-home whitening gel produced in Brazil. It currently has 85% of the national market share and has won over more than 100 countries, 15 of which it is the leader.

Innovation, science and technology are part of FGM Dental Group’s DNA and since its launch, the product has been constantly tested by researchers who come up with new techniques for even more amazing results.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Internationally recognized for being one of the most complete in the world, the Whiteness whitening line has more than 100 studies that prove its quality and effectiveness. “Investing in a product’s quality and efficiency through scientific proof is one of FGM’s principles, sparing no effort to ensure better results safely in everything it proposes to produce”, states the company’s CEO, Bianca Mittelstädt.

In order to surpass market expectations and amaze its public with the dental solutions it produces, FGM counts on a close relationship with the academic community as well as scientific validations from renowned professors and researchers in the dental community, who work in important universities in addition to national and international research centers.

The result of this effort is reflected in the international recognition that the whitener received for four consecutive years. The publication Dental Advisor, specialized in clinically evaluating dental products and which serves as a reliable source for professionals around the world, awarded the whitener with the seal that proves its quality after being evaluated by more than 30 consultants and used by patients over 240 times.

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Among the highlights it received, its unique characteristics were showcased, such as the use of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride as desensitizing agents, in addition to the gel’s excellent viscosity with a soft and smooth texture along with the elevated patient satisfaction – higher than normal for the category.

Multiple possibilities

The Whiteness Perfect line offers different concentration percentages for the most diverse needs associated with take-home whitening. According to FGM consultant Dr. Felipe P. P. Rodrigues, all whitening techniques, when correctly indicated and used, will produce excellent results.

“The take-home whitening products have desensitizers in their composition, which considerably reduces the patient’s risk of developing sensitivity and experiencing discomfort during treatment”. The scientific validations of Whiteness Perfect guarantee the professional as well as the patient the necessary safety to use the product.

“In addition, the research allows the product to be used to its fullest, without unnecessary limitations being stipulated by the professional, such as, for example, not drinking coffee, wine, etc.”, points out Rodrigues.

Check out Dental Advisor’s full review by clicking here and access more scientific evidence of Whiteness Perfect and other FGM Dental Group products by clicking here.


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