Allcem Veneer APS: quality acknowledged by Reality Ratings

FGM has been granted the Reality Ratings international quality recognition for its product Allcem Veneer APS , standing out for its exclusive APS technology.

reality ratings 2021

Understanding the importance of that recognition

Reality Ratings is an excellence United States publication which evaluates dental products. In the evaluation, the FGM resinous cement received the mark 4.3 out of 5 possible.

Main strengths recognized by Reality Ratings

Check the characteristics of Allcem Veneer APS that stood out:

  • Very good handling and manipulation times: allow for easy positioning of veneers with minimum waste;
  • Cleaning: considered easy by all evaluators;
  • 82% of the evaluators reported that the veneers stayed in place and did not slide out of the place after they were positioned;
  • 78% of the evaluators considered the try-in pastes easy to rinse;
  • 91% of the evaluators considered the instructions of the product adequate;
  • 100% of the evaluators had enough time to position the veneers and 45.5% of them placed multiple veneers under the light of the dental equipment.

Other important aspects of the evaluation:

  • A test confirmed that Allcem Veneer APS offers enough fluorescence to mimic the natural tooth – a property that is especially important in the installation of ultrafine veneers;
  • Longer work times even in “well-lit environments”;
  • There were no reports of displacements.

Main stand-out feature: product handling

Due to its application and handling times, Allcem Veneer APS was considered by the evaluators a “good cement for veneers with exceptional work times”.

Those attributes are a result of the exclusive FGM-developed APS technology, which allows for longer work times and better handling, a feature also evidenced in the assessment.

FGM: international recognition

The recognition of Allcem Veneer APS contributes to FGM’s expansion, widening its participation in the global market.

“It is one more important recognition of the quality and innovation of our products and, certainly, it will be an impulse for the conquest of new markets, especially considering the United States, due to its market potential”, affirms Bianca Mittelstädt, FGM’s CEO.


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