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Burn-out Coping

The burn-out copings allow waxing and overcasting of crown infrastructures for prosthetic components over Arcsys Frictional Implants previously installed.



Less Working Time:
Provides cervical support to expedite waxing

Dimensional design compatible and secure

Allows the injection of metal in sufficient quantity to reduce / inhibit microbubbles and impurities

Stock reduction:
It contributes to a reduced stock of components.

More quality in the final result:
Made of polyacetal, material that leaves no residue and does not contaminate the metallic mass.

It allows the construction of infrastructures in the modern concept of Dynamic Termination.


For waxing and overcasting of crown infrastructures in prosthetic components over Arcsys Implants previously installed.

For abutment for cement-retained restoration, abutment for screw-retained restorations and mini abutment for screw-retained restorations. As for the screw-retained, they can be rotational (multiple prosthesis) or anti-rotational (single prosthesis).

Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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