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Adapter for Torque Connection

The Torque Connection Adapter is compatible with all Arcsys System keys. Features universal square termination for digital torque application.

Compatible with the following keys:

• Key to Implant (24.38.01, 24.38.02 and 24.38.04),
• Screwdriver (26.40.01, 26.40.02 and 26.40.03),
• Key and Mount Contra-Angle Implant (24.38.03 and 24.38.05),
• Mounts Short Contra-angle Implant (25.39.03 and 25.39.04)



Excellent usability:
A single digital adapter for all keys.

It also allows the connection of instruments to contra-angle.

Security and practicality:
Seizes square and contra-angle connection devices safely and easily.

Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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