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Arcsys Abutment Folding Device

Arcsys Abutment Folding device is an exclusive innovation, developed to customize the angle of prosthetic components of the Arcsys System.

It allows the professional to transfer the angle of an angle referrer to a final abutment for screw-retained restoration or cement-retained restoration in few seconds, in the office or laboratory, with no need for any additional purchasing or logistics process.

Each prosthetic solution (abutment for cement-retained restoration, abutment for screw-retained restoration and mini abutment for screw-retained restoration) has a specific protective cap so that deformation is performed safely and accurately. Be aware of the need to use a prosthetic cap screw (10.22.01) to stabilize the protective cap when using a mini abutment for screw-retained restoration.

PLEASE NOTE! After the plastic deformation (crystalline modification of the metal structure) promoted by the Abutment folding device, the prosthetic component CANNOT be refolded.



Personalized angulation for each patient (0º to 20º).

Exclusive FGM Technology. Unprecedented product on the worldwide market.

Arcsys Abutment Folding device allows the angulation of these prosthetic components: Abutment for Cement-Retained restoration, Abutment for Screw-Retained restoration and Mini abutment for Screw-Retained restoration, in a few seconds, at clinic or laboratory.

Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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