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Torque Wrench

Recommended to assist in the installation of Arcsys Frictional Implants and prosthetic crowns over Arcsys screw-retained Prosthetic Components (abutment for screw-retained restorations and mini abutment for screw-retained restorations).

Totally disassembled to facilitate hygiene.
Compatible with the following tools:

  • Implant driver for torque connection – extra-long (24.38.04)
  • Implant driver for torque connection- long (24.38.01)
  • Implant driver for torque connection – short (24.38.02)
  • Screwdriver for torque connection- extra-long(26.40.03)
  • Screwdriver for torque connection – long(26.40.01)
  • Screwdriver for torque connection- short(26.40.02)


Scientific evidence

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