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Arcsys Surgical and Prosthetic Case

Developed with a modern design and made of polymer, the Arcsys Surgical and Prosthetic Case is light, compact and intuitive.

Fgm Arcsys Estojo Ce P Tabela



the cases have a reduced size, ideal for the autoclave and the surgical site.

Practical locking:
practicality and safety with the “easy-press” system for opening the cases.

Ergonomic tray:
enjoy the possibility of lifting the trays of the Arcsys surgical and prosthetic case for better visualization and access to the instruments during use.

With drawer:
have the folding device, the abutment placement tool and the other prosthetic components always at hand.

tools with icons and descriptors displayed in a practical way.


Recommended for the installation and rehabilitation of Arcsys implants, it contains the necessary instruments for the surgical and prosthetic phases with quality and efficiency.

Scientific evidence

We provide direct links to publications from major scientific portals containing studies conducted with our products.

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