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Implante com Munhao Angulavel Demo Angulos - Arcsys Implant System

The incredible possibility of angulating the prosthetic component in your office

The Arcsys Implant System brings the exclusive technology of angulation of the prosthetic components in up to 20°, in your clinic or laboratory. Innovation that allows the best surgical and prosthetic planning. Check below how it is simple:

Main features

sec4 1 - Arcsys Implant System

Customizable angle

Allows up to 20° angulation, achieving better aesthetic and functional results.

sec4 2 4 - Arcsys Implant System

3 times more resistant

Manufactured from high-strength implantable special alloys, in accordance with ASTM F138 and ABNT NBR ISO 5832-1.

sec4 3 - Arcsys Implant System


Frictional Morse Cone Interface

sec4 4 - Arcsys Implant System


Interchangeable components between different implant diameters.

sec4 5 - Arcsys Implant System


Available in different heights to accommodate variations in mucosal thickness.

sec4 3 - Arcsys Implant System


Screw-in, cemented, single or multiple prostheses

f21vj9gv0dc - Arcsys Implant System

Active tip

Performs the function of a drill bit and stabilizes the drilling.

19bektwythy - Arcsys Implant System

Installation safety

Cooling flow, for lower heat generation

q463aufrql - Arcsys Implant System

Innovative geometry

Tool control throughout surgical preparation

- Arcsys Implant System

Side channels

Through-bit irrigation and bone tissue collection capability

gzgu43z2ebw - Arcsys Implant System


TiN (titanium nitride) coating, providing increased surface hardness, lower friction, and greater durability.

o9s71ei7puh - Arcsys Implant System

Depth limiters

Enhanced drilling safety. Easy to handle, interchangeable and quick and precise fit.


peek - Arcsys Implant System

Multifunctional PEEK Component

PEEK: a high-performance, biocompatible polymer with unique properties that make it the ideal choice for today's most demanding applications. Considered one of the world's highest-performance engineering thermoplastics, with over 35 years of proven performance in demanding environments.

Multifunctional abutments

jf3jc7pngdi - Arcsys Implant System

Peri-implant tissue former

teyrjoqbah - Arcsys Implant System

Implant-supported temporary prosthesis abutment

jf3jc7pngdi - Arcsys Implant System

Implant transfer

i9r2lo4idz 1 - Arcsys Implant System

Multifunctional transfer

7f9l2peap3 - Arcsys Implant System
1ghli353utz - Arcsys Implant System

Prosthetic component transfer

p9nh18sl4mo - Arcsys Implant System

Temporary denture support

6l4v2kny7yk - Arcsys Implant System

Prosthetic component protector

Implants with the best concepts

On macro and microgeometry

Unique prosthetic interface in all dimensions of the implant.

Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V): best mechanical performance and total biocompatibility.

They promote bone compaction, resulting in greater primary stability.

Better screwability to the bone substrate.

Greater safety near noble structures, such as nerves or facial sinuses.

Platform Switching: guarantees peri-implant stability.³

They promote bone compaction, resulting in greater primary stability.

Excellent quality of surrounding bone tissue.

sec7 2 1 - Arcsys Implant System

True Morse taper with manufacturing warranty

The Frictional Morse Cone is a commonly used connection system in mechanical engineering when it is necessary to join two bodies in a stable way, without the need for a screw.

  • Screw-free: no loosening of the component/prosthesis;
  • Greater biological seal: protection against bacterial infiltration;
  • More aesthetic: favors the emergency profile;
  • Gingival health: better accommodation of peri-implant tissues;
  • Absence of micromovements: elimination of bad odor;
  • Presents greater safety in the installation and removal (if necessary) of the prosthetic component.

In pure Morse cone systems, the pressure exerted to lock the intermediate in the implant generates sufficient frictional resistance for a safe connection. The non-use of the screw eliminates the problem of eventual loosening and favors the long-term performance of the system, unlike what happens with implants that have HE and HI platforms.

sec8 1 - Arcsys Implant System

Quality Control

sec9 1 - Arcsys Implant System

High-quality machinery

High-performance Swiss CNC lathes are used to manufacture the implants and components.

sec9 2 - Arcsys Implant System

100% inspection of components

Every Arcsys Morse Cone is 100% inspected to ensure the effectiveness of its coupling.

sec9 3 - Arcsys Implant System

High-precision measuring equipment

All Arcsys System components are inspected using high-tech 3D measurement equipment.

sec9 4 - Arcsys Implant System

Highly qualified team

The team is trained and qualified in the production and quality control processes of the entire Arcsys line.

Scientific proof

sec11 1 - Arcsys Implant System

Taxa de sucesso do Implante Arcsys de 98,2% e 0% de taxa de soltura​

A recent study by UFSC found that Arcsys implants had a success rate of nearly 100% in both multiple and single-tooth restorations. Source: 1 Center for Dental Implant Education and Research. Federal University of Santa Catarina. Prof. Dr. Ricardo Magini and team. 2018.

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