In-office dental whitening with Whiteness HP Blue.

Author: Dr. Iyad Hassan.




Dissatisfaction with the shade of his teeth and a small gab between the two centrales.

Radipgraphic exam

The patient came to the clinic to improve the shade of his teeth. He was invited to a wedding and asked for a bright smile A diastema and a gingival inflammation were noticed, dark stains on the surface of the teeth due to smoking shisha.


The treatment suggested was a deep clean by our dental hygienist followed by in-office whitening with Whiteness HP Blue by FGM. Both procedures were done in the same session as there are no reasons for not having dental whitening treatment for the malocclusion patients.

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 1: Initial aspect. 

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 2: Shade taking using Vita classical shade guide – the shade is A2 but on canines it is A3.

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 3: The hygienist used a device named aquacare with sodium carbonate powder sandblast for stain removal.

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 4: Aspect after finishing the cleaning and stain removal, the patient asked to rest for 15 minutes.

Dsc 8576 Min

Fig. 5: The patient’s lips were hydrated for the placement of the lip retractor. Then with the gums dry , Top dam gingival barrier was applied. We ensured there was no blood on the gingival surface in order to get better bonding of the dam.

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 6: After the barrier was completely fitted, the whitening gel Whiteness HP Blue was applied 4 times. 50 minutes later, the gel was removed with a disposable surgical suction device. No whitening lamps were used.

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 7: Immediate result – already showing some change in shade.

Dsc 8572 Min

Fig. 8: Closing diastema immediately after the whitening procedure with Vittra APS composite in shade DA1 + EA1.

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