Opallis Pediatric

Resin composite

  • Ideal shades for deciduous teeth.


Excellent polishing:
Highly esthetic restorations.

Special shades:
As the deciduous teeth are more opaque and lighter, the shades A0,5 and B0,5 are extra opaque, therefore, with greater opacity than the dentine and lighter than the shades A1 and B1.

Ideal consistency:
Soft consistency and great sculpting capacity.


Restorations of anterior teeth class III, IV and V.

Direct veneers in resin composite.

Bonding of tooth fragments.

Reduction and/or closure of diastema.

Core build-up.

Non-carious cervical lesions.

Commercial Availability


1 syringe with 2g available in the shades: A 0,5 B 0,5

Step by step

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