Desensibilize KF

Desensibilize KF

Low-viscosity gel with double desensitizing action.

  • Prevents dental hypersensitivity resulting from procedures with whitening agents
  • Immediate comfort

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Double densensitizing action: Resulting from the association of potassium nitrate (neural action) and sodium fluoride (occlusive action).

Available in 2 concentrations of fluoride: KF 0.2%: concentration of 0.2% of sodium fluoride, can be given to the patient for at-home application in the trays. KF 2%: concentration of 2% of sodium fluoride, this version is for the exclusive use of the dentist for in-office application.

Excellent consistency: Easy application to the tray and to the teeth.


Treatment of dental sensitivity: before, during and/or after teeth whitening, caused by gingival recessions or periodontal treatment.

Commercial Availability

Packaging containing

• 1 syringe with 2.5g of gel.
• 1 applicator tip.

Packaging containing

• 1 syringe with 2.5g of gel.
• 1 applicator tip.

Step by step

Desensibilize KF 2%

Perform teeth prophylaxis leaving the surface free from biofilm for better product penetration.Foto 1 300x200

Apply the desensitizing gel evenly on the teeth and wait for, at least, 10 minutes. After that, remove the gel and dry teeth and gum.Foto 1 300x200

Repeat the desensitizer application as necessary. The number of applications should not exceed once a day.

Desensibilize KF 0.2%

Instruct the patient to apply the product for 10 minutes using the whitening tray, prior to applying the whitening gel.Foto 1 300x200