Privacy Policy


The FGM Dental Group Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the privacy and the personal data of the users, as well as to clarify how we process your personal data. This Policy applies to the institutional website of the FGM Dental Group.

Read this Policy carefully and, in case you have any questions, contact us by means of the customer service channels you will find in the end of this document.



  • Cookies: small files sent by the FGM Dental Group websites, saved in the user’s devices and which store preferences and a few other pieces of information with the purpose of customizing the experience on the website according to the user’s profile.
  • Personal data: any information that refers to an identified or identifiable individual. For example: name, address, country’s individual taxpayer registration number or equivalent, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, etc.
  • Sensitive personal data: it is the data that refer to racial or ethnical origin, religious confession, political opinions, affiliation to unions or religions, philosophical or political institutions, data about health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when related to an individual.
  • Employee in charge: person that works as the communication intermediate between FGM Dental Group, the users and the National Data Protection Authority (“ANPD”);
  • Applicable legislation: any legislation that refers to privacy and protection of personal data, specially the Brazilian law 13.709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law - 13.709/18 – “LGPD”);
  • Our environment: refers to the electronic address:;
  • Holder of the Personal Data/User: the individual who the Personal Data refers to, when they interact with FGM Dental Group in a situation in which they supply their personal data; and
  • Processing: qany operation carried out with the personal data, such as the ones that include the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storing, deletion, assessment or control of information, modification communication transference, publication or extraction.


FGM Dental Group needs to collect and process personal data in order to offer the services available in our environment, as well as for fulfilling legal requirements. In case the user chooses not to supply part of those personal data, a few functionalities or services will not be available.

We may collect personal data that the user provides by filling in forms, or when the user interacts with our environment:

Politica De Privacidade

Updating and veracity of personal data

The User is solely responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data sent to you. We are not obliged to process personal data if we believe that the processing can hold us responsible for an infraction of any applicable law, or if the user is using our environment for any illegal or illicit purposes.

Data base

The data base, built by means of the collection of personal data, belongs to us and is under our responsibility. Its use, access and sharing, when necessary, will be carried out within the limits and purposes of the tasks described in this policy.

Social Networks

FGM Dental Group has pages hosted by social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and YouTube in order to communicate news and interact with the user. Those social networks have their own privacy policies. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to consult those documents on the website of each social network.

FGM Dental Group is not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties and neither for the content of any website or service related to environments that are not the one of the FGM Dental Group.

Third party links

Our environment may direct you to third parties’ websites to process registration for employment opportunities or issue a duplicate bank slip. Those websites have their own privacy policies. Therefore, the user should consult those documents in each website.

FGM Dental Group is not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties and neither for the content of any website or service related to environments that are not the one of the FGM Dental Group.


Cookies are small digital text files that are stored on your devices (computer, smartphones, tablets, etc.) by the internet navigator and that contain information related to your preferences, such as preferred language, location, recurrence of your sessions and other variables to make your experience more efficient.

Cookies work to improve your experience both in terms of performance as well as in usability, once the contents made available are directed towards your needs and expectations.

They can also be used for anonymous and aggregate statistics that allow for the understanding of how the user navigates the website, as well as for the improvement of its structures and content. For being anonymous statistics, it is not possible to identify users personally through those data.

Concerning their functions, Cookies may be:

  • Necessary cookies: allow for the navigation and utilization of applications, as well as for the access to secure areas of the website. Without those cookies, the site does not work correctly;
  • Analytical cookies: collect anonymous statistic data with the purpose of analyzing the use of the website and its respective performance;
  • Functionality cookies: used for assuring the availability of additional functionalities of the website or for storing preferences defined by the user when navigating the internet, every time that they use the same device;
  • Advertising cookies: direct the advertising piece according to the user’s interests, helping to measure the success of applications and the efficacy of the partners’ advertising efforts; and
  • Performance cookies: collect information on the way the user navigates the website.

In relation to their duration, the cookies may be:

  • Session cookies: are used during the navigation on the website by the user in the website and permanently excluded when the navigating system is closed; and
  • Persistent cookies: used during the user’s navigation on the website, but remain saved in their device after closing the navigating system. Those cookies may have a pre-determined duration, or rather, after a certain number of days they are automatically deleted, or an undetermined duration, a situation in which the user must delete the cookies from their devices.

Most of the Internet navigating systems is configured to automatically accept cookies but you can change the configurations to block the use of cookies. The navigating systems that provide anonymous navigation collect only the cookies that are strictly necessary for functionality.

Within the navigating system chosen by the user there are several ways of managing cookies. Find below the link for the main navigating systems with more information on that:  

  • For more information on managing cookies for Firefox, click here 
  • For more information on managing cookies for Chrome, click here 
  • For more information on managing cookies for Internet Explorer, click here 
  • For more information on managing cookies for Safari, click here 
  • For more information on managing cookies for Opera, click here 
  • For more information on managing cookies for Microsoft Edge, click here


Personal data and activity records may be shared:

  • Internally, with other areas inside the company;
  • With third parties for recruiting and hiring and for the emission of a bank slip duplicate, for example;
  • With legal, administrative or governmental authorities, when there is a legal determination, request, demand or order for doing so;
  • Automatically, in case of societal changes such as merger, acquisition and incorporation of the FGM Dental Group.

Unless FGM Dental Group receives a legal or judicial request, personal data will not be transferred to third parties or used for purposes different from those they have been collected for and which are informed in this policy.

In case the user has any question about how their personal data are shared, they can contact the customer service channels made available in this policy.


Storage locations

Personal data collected and records of activities are stored in a secure and controlled environment, possibly in our servers in Brazil as well as in environment for resources use or cloud servers (cloud computing), which may require your personal data to be transferred or processed abroad.

Those transfers involve exclusively companies that have demonstrated to be in conformity with the applicable legislation, keeping a level of conformity similar or above the one required by the Brazilian legislation.

Duration of storage

We store personal data just for the time necessary for fulfilling the purposes for which they were collected or for fulfilling any legal, regulatory obligations or for the preservation of rights. For that, we count on a Policy for the Secure Retention and Disposal of Information.

Disposal of Personal Data

At the end of the maintenance period, personal data will be deleted by secure disposal methods or used anonymously for statistic purposes.


Personal data belong to the user and the applicable legislation guarantees a series of rights that can be exerted by the user by requesting through one of the customer service channels shown at the end of this policy.

  • Confirmation and access: The user may request the confirmation about the existence of the processing and the access to their personal data, including the request for copies of the records we have about them;
  • Correction: the user may request the correction of their personal data which are incomplete, inaccurate or dated;
  • Anonymization, blockage or elimination: : the user may request the anonymization, the blockage or the elimination of their personal data;
  • Information on sharing: The user may request information on third parties with which personal data were shared, being that disclosure limited to the information that do not violate our intellectual property or business sensitive information;
  • Consent revocation:when applicable, the user may opt for lifting the consent given for a specific purpose. That revocation will not affect the legality of any of the processing carried out previously. If the user lifts their consent for fundamental purposes that are required for the functioning of our environment, those functions may become unavailable;
  • Opposition: The user may oppose to the processing of personal data in case in their understanding it is illegal;
  • Elimination: The user may request the elimination of their personal data provided that they were processed under consent;
  • Portability: The user may request, within the limits of the applicable legislation, the portability of their personal data to another supplier of services and products;
  • Information about consent: : the user may request information about the possibility of not giving consent and about the consequences of such denial; and
  • Review of the automatic decisions: the user may request the review of the decisions taken solely based on the automatic processing of personal data that affect their interests, including in relation to decisions destined to determine their profile.


For us to be able to offer all the clarifications and the exercise of the rights according to the case, the user must: (i) identify themselves properly and (ii) inform the right they want to exercise.

Não atendimento de requisições

Furthermore, we may refrain from fulfilling a request in case we need to retain personal data in order to make possible to defend ourselves or third parties in disputes of any nature.

Responses to requests

We are committed to responding to all the requests within a reasonable time interval and always in conformity with the applicable legislation.



All user personal data are stored according to rigid security and confidentiality standards.

Security and Governance Practices

For protecting the privacy and the personal data of the user, FGM Dental Group counts on a governance program that contains best practices rules, policies and internal procedures which establish conditions for organization, training, educative actions, supervision and risk mitigation actions related to the processing of personal data.

Access, proportionality and relevance

Internally, personal data are accessed only by professionals that are authorized, respecting the principles of proportionality, need and relevance, besides the confidentiality and user privacy maintenance commitment according to the terms of this policy.


The FGM Dental Group may change the content of this policy at any moment, according to its purpose or need.
In case there are substantial alterations in the present document, the users will be appropriately notified.

In case any aspect of this policy is considered inapplicable by the National Data Protection Authority or by any other authority, including legal, the other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

This policy will be interpreted according to the Brazilian legislation, in the Portuguese language, being the jurisdiction of the user’s home chosen to resolve any controversy that involves this document except for a specific exception of personal, territorial or functional competence otherwise determined by the applicable legislation. 

Caso o Usuário não possua domicílio no Brasil, este se submete à legislação brasileira, concordando, portanto, que, em havendo litígio a ser solucionado, a ação deverá ser proposta no Foro Joinville (SC).


In case of any questions concerning the dispositions contained in this policy, including for the exercise of their rights, the user may contact our employee in charge at the address or e-mail below or at:

  • EMailing address: Av. Edgar Nelsom Meister, 474 - Zona Industrial Norte, Joinville - SC, 89219-501
  • E-mail: