Multifunctional Impression Cap

Multifunctional Impression Cap

The Multifunctional Impression Cap is made of PEEK, a high-performance polymer that allows customization in the office or laboratory. It gives the professional more quality in moldings, provisional prostheses and, consequently, in the result.

Their polymeric origin and design contribute significantly to the reduction of other implant devices (such as protective cap and temporary crown supports).

Transfer Multifuncional

Transfer Multifuncional Munhao 3x4

Transfer Multifuncional Munhao 3x6

Transfer Multifuncional Munhao 42x4

Transfer Multifuncional Munhao 42x6


Versatility: The PEEK component allows customization in the clinic or laboratory.

Stock Reduction: Reduces the stock of components by being a multifunctional component (transfer, protective cap and temporary crown supports).

Better stability: Compatible with acrylic, bisacryl and composite resins, PEEK provides clinical time optimization by enabling rapid customization when needed.


To transfer the prosthetic component installed during molding.

To support the infrastructure of the provisional prosthetic restoration.

To protect the prosthetic component during the stage of prosthetic restoration preparation.