Multifunctional Healing Abutment

Multifunctional Healing Abutment

Multifunctional Healing Abutments are made of PEEK, a high-performance polymer that allows customization in the office or laboratory. With them, the professional gets more quality in tissue conditioning, molding, provisional prostheses and, consequently, in the result.

They can be used as healers, Arcsys frictional implant transfers and provisional crown support.

Cicatrizador Multifuncional Cinta Alta 4mm

Cicatrizador Multifuncional Cinta Alta 4mm

Cicatrizador Multifuncional Cinta Alta 4mm

Cicatrizador Multifuncional Cinta Alta 4mm


Customization: It allows customization with acrylic, bis-acrylic or composite resin.

Security: The PEEK component allows perfect bonding, ensuring the sealing of the internal chamber of the implant.

Versatilility: It allows customization (wear and tear) in the clinic or laboratory.

Stock Reduction: Reduces stock of components by being a multifunctional component.

Practicality: High and low profile to adapt to all gingival phenotypes.

More quality in the result: Due to the customization of the components.


Healing of peri-implant soft tissue after installation of the Arcsys Frictional Implant or its reopening.

Provisional prosthesis support on Arcsys Frictional Implant.

Implant Transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The material used in the multifuntional components of the Arcsys System is PEEK. What are its advantages in comparison to the competition, which uses componentes made of titanium or stainless steel (depending on the component)?

There are many advantages. The professional may easily customize them, they allow selective reaming and reembasament (with acrylic or composite resins), they generate visual contrast with the adjacent tissues, they decrease work time and are economically more viable. They allow enough mechanical support without damaging the Morse Taper of the implant or component as the material shows lower hardness than titanium. If necessary, they can be customized by the professional, both with reaming as well as reembasament. The fact that they are multifunctional facilitates the clinical control and optimizes stock, considerably reducing the amount of materials purchase for rehabilitations over implants