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BPA Free products are a major trend in the dental market

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For three years in a row, the best take-home whitening gel by Dental Advisor!

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Myths and facts about teeth whitening

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Arcsys short implant installed in inter-root septum and filling of alveolus with Nanosynt

As it was not possible to perform surgery to recover the biological distance and promote periodontal health, and in order...

Case with extensive coronary destruction of the cervical region

The patient came to the dental office, reporting the frequent falling out of the provisional crown of tooth 21, which had...
Clinical Case
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Is your clinic routine complex? Make it simpler with your dental implant choice.

Every day it is like this: patient in, patient out. Each person with a specific case, a different challenge, unique bone ...
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Ceramic or composite veneers: understand the difference.

There has been a boom in the search for veneers and no-prep veneers. Those procedures require correct recommendation and ...
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The importance of a correct adhesive application

Adhesive systems have revolutionized esthetic dentistry, allowing for the dentist to offer restorations with better esthe...
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Ambar APS and Ambar Universal APS adhesive systems are virtually colorless. The APS technology – an FGM exclusive – appli...
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Excellence in ultraporosity: Nanosynt

When planning a bone graft, in addition to the characteristics regarding the patient and defect to be repaired, a number ...
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Etching of ceramic blocks with 10% hydrofluoric acid

New ceramic systems have been developed and commercialized in the international market. The adequate adhesion to the cera...
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Invisible technology, dazzling advantages

Smile esthetics has become a major concern among patients, professionals and the industry. Before the introduction of the...