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Supervised at-home whitening with 10% hydrogen peroxide.

Author: Dr. Felipe Rossi.

Chief complaint: dark shade of teeth.

Initial evaluation

Initial anamnesis was carried out in which the patient did not report any sensitivity and no previous attempts to whiten teeth. The clinical examination showed a healthy periodontium absence of anterior restoration and no cavities. The initial shade identified was A3 in the lateral and central teeth and A 3.5 in the canine.

Treatment carried out

The proposed treatment accepted by the patient was a supervised whitening treatment with trays and hydrogen peroxide gel (White Class 10% - FGM) with the duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour per day of exposure, during 28 days. We made silicone trays and guided the patient about the use of the whitening gel without diet restrictions and without prohibiting food coloring.

21 days later, the patient reported local sensitivity and the use of Dessensibilize 0.2% desensitizer was recommended for 10 min per day, applied in the same tray of the whitening ggel. 28 days later, we noted a very satisfactory result with final shade BL3, absence of sensitivity and with positive feedback from the patient reporting comfort during the whole process


Figura 1
Fig. 1 – Initial smile.

Figura 1
Fig. 2 – Initial shade of the anterior superior teeth: A3 for incisive and A 3,5 for canine.

Figura 1Fig. 3 – Final shade of the anterior superior teeth: Bl3.

Figura 1
Figura 1
Fig. 4 – Final aspect of the smile.

Figura 1
Figura 1
Fig. 5 – Artistic photograph.