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Application of Vittra APS Unique as an esthetic alternative for making attachments for orthodontic aligners

Authors: Dr. Manoela Almeida and Dr. Edgard Belladonna


In the clinical examination, the professionals noted that the patient had occlusal contacts only on the third molar teeth, with occlusal instability and absence of disocclusion guides. During the anamneses, the patient reported having had orthodontic treatment with fixed braces before, for a long time, and that she would not want to do it again, but showed to be receptive to the orthodontic aligners’ technique. When informed about the need for attachments, she showed concern about their esthetics.


Fig. 1 Aspecto Inicial Em Oclusão

Fig. 1 Initial aspect in occlusion.

Figs. 2 Condicionamento  ácido

Figs. 3 Condicionamento  ácido

Figs. 4 Condicionamento  ácido

Figs. 2, 3 and 4 Acid etching.

Fig. 5 Aplicação Do Adesivo Ambar Universal Aps (Fgm)

Fig. 5 Application of the Ambar Universal APS (FGM) adhesive.

Fig. 6 Fotoativação Do Adesivo

Fig. 6 Adhesive photoactivation.

Fig. 7 Preenchimento Dos Slots Com A Resina Vittra Aps Unique (Fgm) No Template Ap

Fig. 7 Filling of the slots with VIttra APS Unique (FGM) composite inside the template after the isolation of the piece with glycerin.

We chose to use the Vittra APS Unique composite, since we would be able to mask the color with its chameleon effect. The patient felt more comfortable and assured of the result.

Fig. 8 Inserção Do Template Em Boca Com Os Slots Devidamente Preenchidos

Fig. 8 Insertion of the template in the mouth with the slots properly filled.

Fig. 9 Fotoativação Das Resinas Nos Slots

Fig. 9 Photoactivation of the composites in the slots.

Fig. 10 Aspecto Dos Attachments Imediatamente Após A Remoção Do Template

Fig. 10 Aspect of attachments immediately after template removal.

Fig. 11 Remoção Do Excesso De Resina Com Ponta Multilaminada

Fig. 11 Removal of the excess composite with a multiblade bur.

Fig. 12 Vista De Perfil

Fig. 12 Side view.

Figs. 13 Aspecto Final Do Sorriso Da Paciente Com Os Attachments

Figs. 14 Aspecto Final Do Sorriso Da Paciente Com Os Attachments

Figs. 13 and 14 Patient’s smile with the attachments.

With Vittra APS Unique composite, it was possible to camouflage the color of the dental substrate and keep the esthetic naturality of the treatment. Additionally, as the composite has just one shade which is adaptable to different shades, the process is faster and the stock is reduced. Also, it provides high resistance to wear, an important factor in orthodontics, since, in orthodontic treatments with aligners, there is great tension exerted over the attachments when the patient removes the aligners.